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Maker’s Tip #7: Updating old grout

Hi there, have you ever looked at your bathroom floor and thought, “gosh darn, you’re gross”? Here’s a simple and inexpensive way to make it look brand spanking new — paint the grout! 

There is a plethora of grout painting products out there, all of which are inexplicably pricey! I used a regular latex wall paint for my grout, and it’s lasted a bajillion years so far. 

The paint was applied with a dollar store paintbrush (make sure it’s one you’re not attached to — it’s going to be ruined). You don’t have to be super precise; if any paint gets on the surrounding tiles, just quickly wipe it away with a paper towel before it dries. 

I also recommend wearing gloves when you do this, or your fingers are going to be really roughed up! 

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