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This Crate Coffee Table: DIY Tutorial

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, my little eyes met a very charming coffee table on the Internet. Since that moment, they’ve kept that coffee table in their heart, hoping that one day, just one day, an opportunity would arise when they can witness the creation of their own Prince Charming Coffee Table. And then, it did.

DSC02485 copy

When we got the news last year that we were moving, months before the actual move date, I already knew that this coffee table is only one I’ll have. Form meets function in this ingenious little design – there’s space for storage, space for decoration, and it’s super simple to build!

The table is basically 4 crates lying on their sides, with a square wood board underneath.


The little legs are optional; depending on what kind of look you like, you could have no legs or longer legs, or perhaps legs just like the ones on my table!

The opening in the middle of the table is open space for your imagination. You could have a plant, some sort of decoration, a collection of junk… For my table, I decided to put in battery-operated Christmas lights and some fake succulents, pinecones, and shells.

20151109_222138 copy.jpg

The most time consuming part of this project was painting the crates. My dear deer was it ever difficult keeping the blue and white from jumping on each other!

20150420_162300 copy.jpg

Although the entire project took quite a while to complete, I was very happy with the finished product. With some customization, you, too, can have your own unique little table!

PS- If you love this table but just don’t have the time/ patience/ tools/ [insert other reasons], shoot me an e-mail and I’ll be glad to make you a customized one 🙂

DSC02487 copy

DSC02486 copy.jpg


Crate Coffee Table


4x   wooden crates

1x   plywood board

1x   4×4 wood post


Paint sealer/ top coat


Power drill


How to: 

  1. Line up the crates to form a square shape, and measure the dimensions.
  2. Cut plywood board to size of the square shape.
  3. (Optional) Cut 4×4 post into 4 legs of desired length.
  4. Roughly sand everything down to make sure there aren’t any splinters or rough edges.
  5. Paint each piece of the table (including the crates, wooden board, and legs).
  6. Paint everything with a top coat, according to instructions on the product. *
  7. Line up the legs under the wood board in the desired position, and drill them into place using two screws for each leg.
  8. Line up the crates in place over the wood board, and drill into place at each of the four corners.
  9. Drill 1-2 additional screws between the crates for extra security.



* Because we would use our coffee table every day, I put on 6 coats of sealer to make sure that it’s extra durable (the instructions on the can recommended 4 coats).

PS- you could also check out my Facebook page, where you could get your very own personalized coffee table!





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