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Hello again, Internet.

I’m not very good at committing to things, but I hope that I can continue this blog until I lose count of which number blog post I’m on.

That was a segue into this now: For my second blog post, I’d like to share with you our key holder/ mail saver/ message board/ change jar/ junk gathering place. It’s a lot of things, so I just always referred to it as our command centre.

command centre copy

This was my first completed project for our new home. The supplies were simple enough — a couple things from Michael’s, then a couple more from Home Depot.


I used a 1/8th pallet from Michael’s for the frame, and also picked up the mini blackboard from Michael’s.

From Home Depot, I got the drawer knobs, key hooks, and screws. The drawer knobs are really just for decoration. I originally thought I’d hang my keys there, then I nailed them in and realized how big they were. Then I thought one day I might hang other random things there. So far I’ve never.

2-key hook.jpg

So, blah blah blah, here’s the how to (and I’ll try my darndest to be concise):


Pallet Command Centre


1x   1/8th pallet

1x   wood rectangle cut to the dimensions of the bottom opening

1x   mini chalkboard

2x   clothespins

2x   drawer knobs (optional)

2x   screw-in hooks

1x   big popsicle stick

1x   square dowel



Electric drill

Wood glue


How To: 

  1. Give the pallet and bottom piece a light sanding to smooth it all out.
  2. Line up the wood rectangle with the bottom opening, and drill it into place.
  3. Using masking tape, mask off the edges of one colour and paint the remaining parts with second colour. Let dry, and re-coat if necessary (I used 2 coats). Then, mask off the painted area and paint on the other colour. *Skip if you’re only using one colour*
  4. Paint the clothespins and let them dry. Glue into place.
  5. Line up the chalkboard and screw into place.
  6. Cut the square dowel and popsicle stick to your desired length, then screw both pieces into the chalkboard (as chalk holder). Make sure to use screws that are long enough to go all the way through to the chalkboard. Mask off the surrounding area and paint the chalk holder.
  7. Screw in the drawer knobs.
  8. Pre-drill holes and screw in the key hooks. Take care with this step, as you want to drill it into the narrow vertical piece of wood on the pallet, and not into your wooden rectangle.
  9. Paint your desired lettering on the top, and then you’re all done!


PS – This awesome command centre is available, customized and made-to-order, on my Facebook page!


I added some designs to the chalkboard using chalk markers. I originally thought I’d use chalk markers for messages instead of messy real chalk, but later found out that chalk markers can only be removed with water. Who knew? Not this fool.

The lettering was done using a lead transfer method (it probably has a real name…), but let’s talk more about that next time.


command centre copy

This command centre did take some time and patience to build. Since it’s been built, however, a commander has found his home there. And that’s priceless.




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    January 28, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    So awesome. You should do the book pages table next!

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