• this food thing

    This zucchini frittata

    You know what’s something I don’t get? How some people don’t eat breakfast. Like, how do you even do anything in the morning if you…

  • this food thing

    This banana crepe pocket

    Yo yo yo internet peeps! It’s break time at 11AM Friday and I’m super excited! I’ve been super tired at work this week (even though…

  • this home thing

    this little home office

    When Captain Picard takes the Starship Enterprise into deep space, he must ensure the bridge of his ship is equipped with all the tools he needs…

  • this craft thing

    this faux-fur vest

    Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night feeling like you missed out on the opportunity of living in the Neolithic Age?…

  • this food thing

    this autumn salad

    Oh, hey, there you are! Welcome to this post I made you about a salad! Usually in our house, having a salad means looking inside…

  • this maker's tip

    Maker’s Tip #6

    Going the reduced-chemical route in your cleaning products can often be pricey af. Try this effective and cheap homemade dishwasher detergent recipe! 1 cup borax…

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